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Comsale Computer Inc. is one of North America's largest refurbishers of desktops, laptops and electronics accessories. An approved Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher meeting strict eligibility requirements and providing Windows 10 Pro and Genuine Licensing. Comsale Computer Inc. provides top quality refurbished computers, great value for our customers, and environmentally-friendly IT solutions.

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Comsale Computer Inc. established in 2000, provides refurbished computers to the retail, distribution, small-medium sized businesses, government, health & education and consumer channels globally.

Comsale Computer Inc. Benefits:

Microsoft Authorized
Reponsible Recycling


At Comsale we see relationships as opportunities. Opportunities to build bridges. Opportunities to take our clients somewhere. To not only bring them to their destination, but on a journey where excellence and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.


Every stage of Comsale's production line - from acquisition, to refurbishing, to delivery - reflects its status as a company on the leading edge in both quality, and environmental responsibility. Feel confident in knowing that your Comsale product has undergone a rigorous refurbishing process that assures quality from start to finish.

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Comsale is a company which understands the importance of starting right, and every Comsale product begins as only the highest quality pre-owned equipment from sources such as banks, leasing companies, and financial institutions.

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Every Comsale product goes through a rigorous refurbishing process to comply with not only the standards of the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program, but with Comsale's own commitment to quality. Comsale takes every opportunity to ensure that all components are thoroughly inspected, and refurbished to look and perform like new.

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Comsale takes the utmost care in ensuring that every Comsale product is carefully packaged, and shipped so that the product will arrive in your hands looking and performing exactly the way it did when it left ours.


Comsale is a company founded on commitment. Commitment to a set of values, and standards which means that we finish what we start. Our customer relationships extend well beyond when the product is delivered.


  Support By Manufacturers

Below you will find direct links to the support websites of the brands of products Comsale provides. These sites provide valuable information, as well as downloads for important drivers, and software.
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  Support By Us

Comsale has a dedicated Customer Support team to answer your questions, resolve any issues, and optimize your computer experience. Contact Us

  Online Resources

Below you will find a number of online resources including Comsale forms as well as a list of answers to frequently asked questions.

  How do I activate my Windows 10 Professional or Home Premium Edition?

  How do I use System Restore to restore my system?

  Remote Access

  Warranty Terms and Conditions


Comsale understands that, like the environment, relationships are based on a delicate balance of care and attention to ensure their prosperity. Comsale is committed to each and every customer relationship to support their success today and in the future.


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 Phone Number: 1-905-761-6466

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Sales Inquiries

 Phone Number: 1-905-761-6466 ext. 1


Customer Support

 Phone Number: 1-855-666-5848


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